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DT5 Plus Diesel Treatment (1L)

Extend engine life and reduce downtime.


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Pro-Ma Performance Products DT5 Plus has been used since its formulation in 1953 by many large commercial and industrial enterprises. A highly concentrated formula that is superior in its ability to help improve performance, it cleans injectors, reduces fuel consumption, exhaust smoke and sludge, and helps to extend fuel filter life.


  • Surfactant controls water - reduces rust, sludge, bacteria and fungi.
  • Detergent helps clean fuel system, pumps, injectors, cylinders and exhaust - removes tar, wax, varnish, gum and carbon.
  • Polybutane Ashless Lubricant lubricates vital components in pumps, injectors and upper engine area - can reduce wear that is associated with low sulphur diesel fuel.
  • Cold Flow Improver helps prevent the formation of wax at low and cold ambient temperatures - easier starting.
  • Combustion Modifier smoothes the combustion process - reduces emissions, improves power and performance and saves fuel.

Size Available

1 litre
Use: 1mL per 1L of fuel

i have used DT5 Plus diesel treatmant in my 2.4 turbo surf for nearly 2 years and found it doing a lot of good,a big diference in peformance very happy it all the best LEIGH.

leigh munting longford tasmania

I have used both petrol and diesel fuel additives for more than 10 years and my car engines have never broken down. Also experience driving my van on orange light 23km before fuelling(cause dad forgot to refuel before leaving the city). I have always talked about performance products when it comes to cars.


I have been using your diesel & petrol fuel additive in my vehicles since 1988 & have never had to have my injectors serviced, I only keep my vehicles for about 200,000 k's, in that time I have never had any fuel problems & will continue to use it,I am 73 now till the end of my driving days petrol or diesel.

Bob Buchanan Hope Island Qld

Been using fuel and oil treatments since 1991 in everything example my lawnmower still going, brush cutter won't die. Problem is the motors keep going but the frames need work. Love the stuff great products pro Ma.

Murray R Newcastle

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